The Day Before Memorial Day

If you have been reading these posts you may have noticed that I enjoy anticipating the next thing that is going to happen. So here we are.. the day before a national holiday that celebrates the lives of those soldiers that have died to protect the freedom that we enjoy in this county.

Freedom is an amazing word.. it is very central to our faith. The Lord came to “set the captives free.” What does this mean for us? The gospel message is centered around this idea. Without Jesus as the center of our lives we are in some type of bondage. We may not know it.. it may not be obvious to those around us.. but it is there. The bondage can be subtle and possibly invisible to others. Some of us are bound up in legalism.. others in materialism.. maybe religious activity.. or busyness. These are all things that drag us away from our relationship with the living God who is longing to reveal Himself to us.

How do we return to our first love? We slow down.. take our time and remember that everything He has planned will unfold perfectly. His timing is not ours.. His ways are not ours. He wants us to live life in a place of freedom that allows us to trust Him as we wait. A place of freedom that knows He is making all things new.. A place of freedom from worry and anxiety. He loves us and His amazing grace covers us.. at all times in all places.. He is with us.

” So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”


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