..Not by Sight

Remember that scripture.. the one that says we walk by faith not by sight? Yes.. that’s the one that tells us a deep truth about our relationship with God. We cannot see what He is doing. Sometimes it appears as though nothing is happening and everything is standing still. Yet this scriptures implies there is something more than what we can perceive with our own senses. We want evidence that God is doing something.. proof. He says He wants us to trust Him by having faith when we see nothing.

I find this difficult.. don’t you? We seem designed to rely on what we see, hear,or feel. But that is not the type of faith that will sustain us. That is a shallow faith that depends upon our own senses. God is asking us for more.. much more. The key is His character. If we truly understand who He is we can walk in this type of faith. If we believe that He is for us.. that He is ahead of us.. that He is always protecting and providing for us.. we can trust Him in all things. He wants that for us. His desire is to give us a strong faith. The catch for us is that this faith is built through challenges.. difficulties.. suffering.. hardship. This is our school of faith. We don’t grow stronger in the good times.

 Are you facing a challenge today? Is the road ahead uncertain? Are you waiting and waiting and waiting? Does God seem far away? Are you losing someone you love? Do you feel all alone? Ask Him for more faith and grace for this leg of the journey. This is an opportunity to ” walk by faith not by sight.” He will meet you as you trust Him .. He is with you and you are His.

“I will answer them before they even call to me.While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers.”


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