I have never enjoyed rollercoasters.. especially the part of the ride when you get to the top of and suddenly you are speeding down and there are no brakes. They seem so risky.. sort of like our walk with the Lord. We may find ourselves at the top speeding down with no way to stop. Suddenly everything is out of our control.. that’s a good time to remember that everything is always out of our control. We are not the ones who design our own destiny.. we are not in charge of our own lives.. unless we refuse to let God get into the driver’s seat. Is He in the back seat of your car while you are doing all the driving? If that is the case.. you need to change seats.

He wants to not only chart our course but He wants to take us for down the road Himself. He is leading.. we are following. He wants to takes risks with us.. to give us new challenges.. to unfold a great adventure. He is the author of our story and the hero.. He gives us a part and sometimes that part is scary and strangely uncomfortable. He takes us out of the comfort zone into the great unknown. God is waiting to give you a bigger part in this amazing story we are living out on earth.

Are you living life with God as though it all takes place once a week on Sunday for an hour or so? Do you feel like you are truly living by volunteering to do things that are needed? Do you encounter God daily wherever you are? Is He your closest friend? Or have your written a very small story that says …” trudge through this life and then you die and go to heaven.” That is not the gospel. Jesus says that He came to give us Abundant Life.. life filled with rich relationships, deep connections, and incredible challenges.

One thought on “Rollercoasters

  1. Saw a comment on the board fronting a church in Glen Ellen that read –

    “If God is the co-pilot, then switch seats!”

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