Close Encounters

There was a movie that made that phrase popular. I believe the encounter was with aliens. That is not the type of close encounter I am writing about. There are so many ways that we encounter God as we journey with Him. His presence is with us. He uses every circumstance to remind us of His love for us. He speaks encouragement to us through other people.. through books..through movies and art. He tells us He loves us through the beauty of creation.. He reminds us that we are not alone through those that love us.. He continues to pursue us as we stay on this road with Him.

There are some moments when His presence is almost tangible.. others when wonder if He is present. We have history with Him and there are stories in our lives that tell us how real He is. I love those times when I encounter Him unexpectedly.. often in small ways.. driving in my car and seeing a bright blue sky with puffy encouraging email..a hug from a grandchild. All these amazing gifts that He is continually giving. Are you seeing these things in your own life?

Life can be very hard here.. sometimes it seems impossible.. yet God wants to help us see Him all around us. He is at work.. He is reaching out to show you that He is with you. His heart is for you. His eyes are on you. Look for His fingerprints on your life today. Reach out for His hand if you need it. Remember His goodness to you in the past.. expect to see more of it in the future. Our God is amazing.. He is faithful and true.. He never changes.. He is in love with you! 

“There will be showers of blessings.. and they will know that I am the Lord.”

Every beautiful sunset is a gift for you.. from Him!

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