Grieving Our Losses

We are always dealing with grief. Throughout our lives we have to let go.. of someone, something, or someplace. God knows about grief. He designed us to experience it. It has a purpose in our lives. Our culture tries to avoid grief. Our culture says just move on and get over it. We have no time to grieve.. no time to waste..hurry, hurry, hurry.. you might miss something.

The opposite is true.. if you hurry and you don’t grieve your losses you will definitely miss something. The grieving process is painful. The tears that flow from the hurting places in us can be scary and overwhelming. Our hearts can feel like they are breaking.. it is tiring and draining. But it is necessary. Without grief our hearts become filled with pain and eventually that leads to depression and probably medication. Grief takes many shapes and forms.. all loss involves grieving. The loss of a dream, a potential relationship, an old relationship, a pet, a home, a church family, a job, a role in life, a friend, or relative. Loss is loss. Don’t minimize your losses.. allow yourself to feel what is happening.. you will make it through to the other side.

Read about the stages of grief so that you know when it is happening to you. Find out what grief looks like and how you grieve.. you will be glad you did. It is normal to cry your eyes out, to be sad, to be angry or depressed, to have trouble sleeping or eating. Grief is intense and yet in the middle of our grief we have our God. He never leaves us. He understands our pain and He is with us.

” Jesus wept”

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