These are times when we are moving from one season to another. Transitions are those short seasons that stretch us because we are moving toward something new. God takes us right where we are and He uproots us and begins to prompt us to take steps forward. There can be great emotion during a time like this. It feel like the pieces of our lives are up in the air when this begins to happen. Suddenly things that seemed like they would never change begin to change radically. It can be upsetting and unsettling.. it may also be exciting and energizing.. as well as tiring and draining. Funny isn’t it? So many emotions all happening at once. The one constant in all this is God.. He is doing something in your life. He is after something in your character.. He wants to give you something amazing as you walk this out.

Are you in a season of transition? Are you moving out of the past into a future that is not clear? Don’t be afraid. Don’t think that something strange is happening. Don’t shrink back. We may be tempted  to avoid the change.. to keep things as they always were.. to hide in our comfort zone. God is standing behind us with His hands on our backs moving us toward the future and toward Him. Don’t dig your heels in. He will catch you if you fall. He will protect you as you move forward with Him. He is with you.

” He is doing a new thing”

You will bloom like this beautiful rose!

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