The Rescuer

I was rescued again by our Great God this week. He intervened in my life to help me with an impossible situation. I had no answers.. I felt all alone.. I was afraid.. I was anxious and I did not know what to do. As the week unfolded I cried out to God and I cried every night. How could this be? What was going to happen next? Then God led me to Google, a quick search, and a phone call that changed everything. He rescued me again. He always rescues me when I hit that place in my life where I cannot see any way out.

He is the rescuer.. He saves us over and over again throughout our lives. Have you read the stories in the  Old Testament? God rescues His people.. He opens the Red Sea.. He brings down the walls of Jericho.. He saves His people from death over and over again.  He is the same God. He still rescues His people.. not only from death but from trials that threaten to overwhelm our souls. He saves us from circumstances that are unbearable. He has a plan for us when we are in the wilderness. He carries us across rivers and through fires. He is there for  us.

Are you in an impossible situation that is crushing you today? Are you carrying a weight that is just too heavy? Are you crying out to Him?.. sharing your heart with Him? He hears and He will come for you.. just like He did for me. He is with you!

” The Lord  hears His people when they call to Him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.”

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