Deep Healing

God is the healer. His desire is to go to the root issues deep in our hearts.. find them.. and pull them out so we can look at them and begin to be healed. These roots usually began in childhood and continued into our adult life. No family functions perfectly.. some better than others. All parents make mistakes…some bigger than others. We all got hurt.. some more than others.

God wants to go deeply into those places where the pain is.. all emotions that are not dealt with are buried alive. He uses circumstances to trigger this pain so we can become aware of it. He is like a doctor finding a wound that is festering and opening it up so that it can drain and heal. He can’t leave it alone.. because it could kill us. Maybe not physically but emotionally it is certain death. We may find ourselves taking antidepressants and other medications to avoid the pain that is clamoring for our attention.

We have a God that can take this pain and help us release it.. through talking and tears. As we face it.. we find ourselves feeling lighter and in more freedom. Our emotions matter to God. Our broken hearts matter to Him. Our pain is His pain. He wants to bring everything into the light where He is. Pay attention to your dreams.. they often hold keys to what God is doing. Whenever you feel like you are overreacting to something in the present.. ask God to show you what He is bringing up.. what past experience do you need to face?

He wants to bringing healing and restoration to all the deep places in your heart so that you can receive and feel His love.. yes feel His love.. not just know about it but truly feel it.

Does something need to change in your life? Are you longing for more freedom? Is the Spirit of God pursuing you? Ask Him to bring up those things that may be lodged deep in your heart.. those old festering wounds.. those infected memories. Then ask Him to begin to understand what happened and how it has impacted your life. If you need help with this process.. pray and ask God to bring you the right person. He will. He loves you and wants to restore you.. He wants it even more than you do!

” He came to set the captives free..”

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