Shifting.. that is what is happening right now. God is moving and He is changing things that have been one way for a long time. These seasons can be difficult for everyone. I used to dread this type of thing. I always felt overwhelmed and afraid because I had to leave behind people, places and things when it happened. I see it differently now because my relationship with God has changed. I trust Him in a deeper way.. so when the change comes I realize He is doing it. I also believe that He will bring good out of it no matter how difficult it is.. I didn’t always believe this.

It started over 10 years ago when I was faced with the biggest change and the hardest change that I could imagine. I was widowed and had to start my life over as a middle-aged woman. I not only lost my husband, a few weeks before that  my favorite aunt died, I lost my job, changed churches, and left behind lots of friends. I felt like Job. Loss everywhere.. The only thing I knew was that God was real and that I needed Him more than ever. I wasn’t sure if He would come through and I was honest with Him about that.

He was there for me and He came through in ways I could never imagine. He has been restoring my life daily and I have all the things I lost and more. I share all this to encourage you and to remind you that He is with you. If you are in a season of change.. if you are overwhelmed.. if someone you love is dying.. if you are leaving friends behind.. He will take care of you. Be honest with Him and let Him hold you while all this is happening. Grieve freely, weep deeply, breathe, and reach out for the hand of your amazing God. He will not fail you. He will restore what He is taking from you and bless you in ways you cannot imagine as you trust in Him.

My story is powerful.. God has rebuilt my life. You have a story as well and He will do for you what He has done for me.

” You will know at last that I, the Lord, am your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Israel”

Come away with me.. says the Lord.

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