Road Signs

He gives them to us along the way. If God is truly leading us in our lives than He gives us road signs. There are times when He says need to think, rest, go the other way, or take a few steps back. There are other times when He says.. you need to move fast, think quickly, don’t wait. Other times He may use Caution.. danger lies ahead, there will be obstacles, move slowly but keep going. Our part is to have our hearts tuned into the Holy Spirit.. He is the one that speaks these things to our heart. He uses people, circumstances, our emotions, the Bible, movies, books, nature  etc. to reach us at different times. God can speak through anything. He is not limited.. He is creative.. He is always revealing His ways to us.

Are you listening, watching, seeking, praying? Then believe that He is leading and He will guide you down this road. You are not the one who has the plan for your life.. you are not in control.. you are not alone. I find it so comforting to realize that He has the plan and it is unfolding in the very best way possible. I only get into trouble when I believe it is all up to me.. .I need all the answers.. .I must fix it… So many believers live their lives as practical atheists… going to church on Sundays.. reading their Bibles.. but living most of their lives as if God does not exist.

Life with God is about following after Jesus.. listening for His voice.. trusting that He is intimately involved in every detail of the life you are living. He is the source…your comforter..your friend… your guide… your rock…your living water…your provider…your mother and father…your safety net. He is everything to you if you let Him in to the deepest parts of your heart. He will not fail to take you on a great adventure down a very curvy road.. but there will be signs along the way to guide you on your journey.

                                “He will direct your steps!”

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