Clinging to God. A favorite expression of mine. I do it often. If I am feeling lost and if the water is rising I cling. Everything around me can be unstable and the next step unclear.. He stays the same. Throughout history people have done this and with great results. The Bible is full of stories of people just like you and me who have held on to God when nothing made sense. Think of Abraham and Joseph. What about Ruth and Esther. Men and women who have held on to God for dear life. People who have believed Him and trusted in Him

Of course they did not do this perfectly. They did not always make the best decisions and they doubted at times.. like we do. Yet they held on to His promises and lived to see Him bring deliverance and blessings.. remember Job. He questioned and he suffered but he did not turn back. His friends blamed him for his troubles and even his wife was not a support.. yet deep inside he kept the door open to God.

That is the key.. keep the dialogue going.. continue to interact with Him.. tell Him how you feel and what you need. Talk with Him.. believe that He hears you.. look for evidence that He is leading you. Keep the door open.. don’t run.. don’t pull away. Yesterday I read a great quote from John Eldredge. He said the whole Bible can be summed up in one sentence “COME CLOSER”.. I love that… Don’t you?

“Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged.. for the battle is not yours but God’s”

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