Navigating the Unknown Path

We live so much of our lives uncertain of the future. Isn’t it interesting how we avoid believing this? We plan and plot out our path and then God shows up. Suddenly everything we thought we knew is not true anymore. He intervenes and directs us in a new direction. We face something that we never thought we would face.. we find ourselves in a situation we never imagined.. we are challenged in ways that stretch us beyond our own abilities..we feel overwhelmed.. we wonder if we are drowning in a deep deep sea.

What a perfect time for God’s plan to be unveiled. He is up to something big in times like these. In the same way He interrupted history 2,010 years ago.. He is interrupting your history right now. Just as He showed up to set things right when they were all wrong.. He will do the same for you. The people who were on earth when He first appeared were shocked by the things that He said and did. They had never seen anything like it. He healed and restored. He ministered to the broken-hearted. He taught them and He fed them. He turned water into wine. He raised the dead.

We have that same God in our lives.. He is capable of doing all these things and more. He is right here with us doing amazing things that we cannot even imagine. His power is not less than it was in those days. He is the same as He was in those times. Just as He knew every need of every person …… He knows us and our needs. He is unfolding His plan and we are going to be OK. We will make it through this season and through the next and the next.


He has cleared a path for you. He is ahead of you and He will lead you!


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