My Mother’s Story

No.. not a tribute to my mother. I could write that story.. but all mothers have a story and that is not the direction I am taking. Mothers are just people, but they are very important people to their children. Everyone has a mother.. even if they have no contact with her. Everyone needs a mother even if their own mother fails to be who she could be. God created people so that mothers give birth.. out of their own bodies come these very small and helpless beings. Imagine how much He must trust us. He gives us this tiny being and says ” here you are.. take care of this person and raise them.. teach them about me.. protect them.. encourage them.”

Wow! And then He says.. “BTW continue to care deeply for your children for the rest of your lives.” No small job. Do we do it perfectly? No. Do we always feel equipped? No. Do we get overwhelmed? Yes. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Did our mothers do it perfectly? No. Do most mothers do the best that they can? Yes. But many mothers were never taught how to mother by their mothers so they fail. Their daughters are left with an empty space in their hearts…with longings that are never fulfilled.

So.. if you have a mother that let you down.. remember that her mother probably did the same thing to her. If you are a mother.. remember that you cannot be the perfect mother because there is no perfect mother. Let’s remember all the ways our own mothers were there for us and ask God to heal us if we are still grappling with the pain they caused. Pray for the grace to love the woman who gave birth to you and remember that God is the perfect Mother as well as the perfect Father. He knows what happened to us and we can trust Him never to fail us or disappoint us.

” Even if my mother and father abandon me.. The Lord will hold me close.”

Happy Mother's Day!

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