Grace in My Pocket

I once wanted God’s grace to be something that I could carry in my pocket so that I could take it out when something really difficult happened. I wanted to be sure that I would have it when I needed  it. I was afraid that unless I had it before I needed it I might not make it through the next trial or crisis. In reality I was afraid to trust that God would meet me when I needed Him. 

When a huge trial hit me over ten years ago I discovered God’s grace was everywhere when I needed it.. I saw His handprint all over my life. It was during that time that I realized we can never be prepared for those very difficult seasons in life. I knew that God did not miss a beat.. He was not slow in showing up.. He did not leave me alone.. He instantly came into the situation and revealed himself to me in ways that I had never known before. 

Our God has unlimited resources and He will be with us at all times.. in all seasons.. in surprising ways. Although we may say that our faith carried us through the crisis.. it’s really our God who carries us. He knows our fears and our weaknesses and they do not overwhelm Him. Every moment of our lives we are safe in His hands. If you are afraid of the future or afraid of the unknown remember the Lord is with you.. He will always be with you.. every moment of every day He is with you. 

“His grace is sufficient” 

The one who made this.. is with you today!

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