All Things

Yes.. that is part of the verse in Romans.. the one that we have heard throughout our lives with God. Does God truly work all things for the good? It is very easy and reasonable to question this. Especially when difficult trials come marching into our lives.. How can this be for good Lord..when it is so hard? What does this say about our God’s heart. Is He truly loving? We question this because somewhere we decided that life with God is about “easy.” I have searched through the Bible for anything that supports that…But He never says life is easy. In fact He says ” in this world you will have trouble.” 

We are warned that there will be trials.. that we will face challenges.. that it will not be easy. So what is my point? The difficulties that we face come through His hands.. He knows about them.. the enemy of our soul does not sneak around behind God’s back and do things. God knows everything that is happening. He is sovereign over every day and every moment of our lives. So why do we suffer? People have asked that question for centuries and no one has the true answer except God. I have heard people try to explain it by saying “we share in His suffering.” I can’t say I fully understand that. Do you? 

One thing I can say is that God is with me. I can also say that God is good and that He will never leave me. He uses all the hard things to do deep things in me that probably could not happen any other way. I wasn’t always able to see this. I once thought He was angry with me or that He was punishing me. As I grew and the trials kept coming.. something new began to become clear to me.. He is truly shaping me and healing me.. He allows all these things because He loves me! 

The same is true for you.. Ask Him what He wants you to learn in the trial (s) that you are facing right now and ask Him to show you His heart for you while you are at it. He will. Our God truly works “ALL THINGS” for the good of those who love Him. 

” And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” 

He has not forgotten you.. You are His!

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