This has been a very interesting spring season. Outside the weather seems to be flipping between winter and summer. One day it is warm and sunny and it seems like we are done with the rain.. the next day the clouds and rain are back. Yesterday the wind was blowing and I could hear the wind chimes banging against the walls of my deck. I love spring days when the air is still and the skies are blue.. when there a few puffy clouds in the sky and it is just the right temperature. When my feet can come out of the winter shoes and move into sandals.. when the winter coats can truly be stashed away.  I would love to live where every day is like that.. or would I? 

As I watched the wind trying to blow the trees over and the hummingbirds trying to stay at the feeder I remembered that the wind is like the Holy Spirit. It blows through and things are changed afterwards.. the winds of change come and we need them. At the moment it is uncomfortable.. many of us don’t go through change easily.. we love stability. Yet when God chooses to move into our lives and rearrange things.. there is no stopping Him. Suddenly our comfort level is challenged and the harder we try to hang on to it the worse things get. He says  “Trust me in this. Know that I am with you. Let me move and do new things in you and around you.. don’t grow weak.. pray for grace.. lean into me.. watch me work.” Wow.. 

So…. spring is here. It is a time of new beginnings.. that means that it is a time of endings as well. Look around and see if you can see Him at work. Go outside and see the new life that is springing up.. Look inside your heart and see that same thing. Remember that God is always moving and always changing and always breathing life into the old and the new. Enjoy this season..relax and trust that our God is good and He is with you. 

” For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? 

You are being changed into His likeness!

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