The Past is the Past..or is it?

I am a big believer in remembering. We need to remember and revisit the things that have happened to us. Not to rub our faces in the things that hurt.. not to keep blaming others.. not to remind ourselves of the pain that we have endured.. not because we want to keep the past alive. Remembering brings healing. How? When we look back and actually think about and talk through the past.. we are able to see it with new eyes. God wants us to have an accurate picture  of our lives. He wants us to be able to see and understand the experiences we have been through.

We live in the present and wherever we are right now.. it is different from where we were yesterday. Each day that we live on earth we are given the opportunity to learn and grow. If we take advantage of this gift.. we can see our past from a new perspective. Some people do not see the value in this process.. they may say  “all you need to do  is forgive and forget”. I disagree. True forgiveness comes after we carefully examine what has happened. Otherwise we are putting a band-aid on an open wound.

God wants to bring healing to the deepest places in our heart. To do that we must give Him access. He never forces us to do anything.. He waits for us. He wants us to remember all those things He does for us because He remembers us. He knows every detail of our lives.. every moment of suffering..every tear that was shed.. every sleepless night.. every hopeless moment. He has not forgotten us and He wants us to heal so that we can move forward and leave behind anger and unforgiveness. When we do this we have a greater capacity to receive His love.

Let Him take you into those places.. take the risk of looking back while believing that He is close to you and you are safe with Him.

” He loves you with an everlasting love.”

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