This topic keeps coming up in conversations. It happens to be a favorite of mine. I lived a long period of my life without any dreams. My circumstances were very difficult and I thought my dreams for a better life could not come true. I struggled to believe that there was a better future ahead of me. When those circumstances changed dramatically over ten years ago an amazing thing began to happen. I discovered that God had taken care of my dreams.. the ones I thought I gave up on. He knew what they were and He began to change things so I could experience the life I always wanted.

It was an amazing revelation for me. As I died to those things I wanted.. God did not. Since all this started happening I have been able to embrace my dreams again. I know now that those dreams matter to Him. He treasures those desires and ideas that are in our heart.. in fact He has put them there. His dreams for us and our own dreams for ourselves are usually the same. We do have to make room for the possibility that they are not.. but He will show us if that is true and the dream will fade.

Do you have dreams that you are struggling with.. deep desires that continue to fill your heart?Treasure those things and take them to God believing that He cares and that He will give them to you in His time. Keep dreaming.. we cannot live without dreams and desires.. they bring us hope. As we learn about His goodness and realize His faithfulness He will unfold the future in amazing ways that we could never imagine.

” With God ALL THINGS are possible.”

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. This is an ongoing challenge for me. It is, in a sense – for me, “grieving with hope”. It is very difficult for me to release the dreams without dying to the hope at the same time. A balance that I have considered a worthy pursuit since the first time you mentioned to me that this was something that was not only possible but pleasing to God. Thanks for that reminder today.

  2. You are welcome Merrill. I agree that it is a difficult balance to achieve.. I see it as both letting go and holding on at the same time.. As I have realized His goodness at a deeper level.. the letting go is easier.. I know that He will fulfill the deepest desires of my heart in His time. He has not forgotten me.. He has not forgotten you my friend.

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