The Real You

Do you know the real you? No.. not the you that people say you are. The real you.. the true you.. Maybe if I phrase this differently.. Do you know your own heart.. the heart that God created when He made you? You may think you do but I wonder….

So many things cloud our picture of ourselves. The biggest hindrances are usually those things that happened when we were growing up. Big things happen when we are very small children and those things take root in our hearts. The enemy of our soul knows that our parents are not perfect and he uses their weaknesses to keep us from becoming our true selves. God works diligently with us later in life to uncover that person. He wants to come in and help you discover who you are.. the person that He loves and cherishes. He is pursuing you to restore you and help you see that you are perfect just the way you are.

If you never do another thing for anyone.. including Him.. He will love you deeply forever. If you make mistakes every single day ( and we do!) He is still going to be amazed by you. His heart for you is far greater than anything you can imagine.. His love for you is deeper than you ever believed. His desire is to reveal this to you so that all the old wounds can be healed… so that you can start receiving from Him.. so that you can feel His love.. Yes I said feel.. He cares about that too. Your feelings matter to God.. He gave them to you.

” He loves you with an everlasting love”

These are for you.. and there is more coming!

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