Don’t you love that word? God is able to restore things that we give up on.. in fact when we realize that we can’t fix the broken people, situations, or circumstances that surround us.. we give Him more room to work. The key seems to be our willingness to let go.. a theme I continue to  revisit. Letting go of what we think healing looks like.. letting go of our ideas..our small view of things.

 God is so creative that He is able to move in and do new things in new ways without any help from us.

 We feel like all is lost.. like there is no hope.. we want to give up and then suddenly He moves.. He restores something we thought was lost forever.. He brings hope to the hopeless.. He surprises us and we can’t believe it. We must believe that there will be a ” Suddenly” when we really need it.. in His time. It is never too late .. as long as we are here.. He can do new things in us and in those around us.

If you are praying and waiting for things that you have given up on.. He has not.. If you are hoping for something that is impossible.. It is not. If you can’t see how anything can change.. He can intervene. Once we give up and know that it will only happen through Him.. He moves and He gets the glory.. Our faith is strengthened and we proclaim ” God is good” to everyone we know.

” Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.”

He is taking you down the road.. to a surpising place!

2 thoughts on “Restoration

  1. particularly timely word for me today my dear friend. I love what God is doing in and through you, and I love you too.
    Praying for you!!

  2. Thanks Merrill.. I needed some encouragement today. I love doing this blog.. but sometimes wonder if anyone is receiving from it.. I love you too!

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