He is Enough

Our God is enough. He is all that we need. He is our hope and our strength. He is with us. I am trying to receive all of this today. To believe it in all the scared insecure parts of my heart. Someone I love is close to the end of their lives and I am believing that God will take me through this next season. My friend reminded me that ” He is close to the brokenhearted.” That truth helps so much.. His heart is filled with compassion for me and for the one who is suffering. Seasons of grief are so challenging.. they take us to the end of our faith and cause us to lean on Jesus.. to fall into His arms.. to find our rest in His presence.. to live by faith in His goodness. Maybe that is the reason for these times.. we are stretched, changed, and transformed as we walk with Him.

Are you hurting today? Is someone you love suffering? Is it all too much? My prayer is that you find Him in the storm. That you draw near to your Father’s heart and that He fills you with courage and strength for the journey.

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