He Delights in You

Do you believe that? For many of us that is so difficult. Those people who were supposed to delight in us failed. Usually that means our parents. They were unable for one reason or another to truly love us deeply and unconditionally. The idea that God loves us so fully is difficult. We have not experienced it.. it is foreign to us. Our hearts long to be loved and accepted.. we were created to receive this type of love. God put this desire in our hearts..the wounds keep us from believing it is true.. we may think we are unlovable.. we may believe lies about ourselves..we may blame ourselves for the things that other people did to us.

Healing from these wounds takes time. We have to go back to those very situations that caused the pain and revisit it. Looking back and realizing what has happened without blaming either ourselves or others is a key. Yes.. my mother was controlling.. my father was emotionally absent..  my siblings were favored.. my childhood was rough..yes something was missing.. everything was missing. God will bring up the pieces for you if you ask Him. As you remember let the tears come. He is with you now.. He was always with you. He did not cause these things. His heart breaks for the pain you endured. Trust Him.. as you face these things you will be able to forgive .. to start letting go..to receive from Him.. He wants to fill those empty places in your heart.

This is heavy and deep stuff.. it leads to freedom.. you can’t go around it..you must go through it and other side is His amazing love for you. He delights in you.. you are the apple of His eye.

” I will not forget you. See I have written your name on the palms of my hands.”

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