Surprises Along the Way

It’s true isn’t it? The path that we follow as believers is not straight. God takes us in new directions all the time. Just when we think that we know what is going to happen next.. there is a curve in the road. Just when we think we have God figured out.. He surprises us. Sometimes we do well with these surprises and sometimes we have a difficult time adjusting. If you are a planner like me.. they can be a little shocking.. But God.. I thought.. that’s how I usually react. Suddenly I am sent on a new course. Suddenly a door that was closed opens. Suddenly my own ideas make no sense. God is at work.. He loves surprises.. He is unpredictable. Yet He is good and His desire is to bless and encourage us.. and to enable us to use the gifts He has given us.

I am learning to take those turns in a better way.. to go with the Holy Spirit.. to grab on to His hand when the next twist occurs. To trust that all of it is good and that He knows what He is doing. How about you?

” And we know that God causes everything to work for the good of those who love God…”

Remember His promises!

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