I remember being in a Seminary class on grief and loss and meeting someone who wanted to write a paper on this topic. It startled me.. maybe I had not done enough thinking about how devastating disappointment can be. The young man who was writing the paper had a very disappointed look on his face and I could tell that he knew all about it.

Disappointment with people is the big one. What about disappointment with other believers? Or disappointment with your closest friends? Your parents, siblings, children, spouse. What do we do with all this ? It can pile up and cloud our ability to see God at work. If we don’t face it and feel it and deal with it we may find ourselves depressed, tired, and hopeless. Past disappointments may collide with present ones and that is even more difficult. Yet there is a purpose in all of this.

God wants us to grieve our losses, feel our pain.. face our disappointments. If we gloss over the deep wounds that are still festering we will not receive all the healing that He has for us. For me.. this means allowing the old things to come up.. crying.. feeling the sorrow and believing that He is with me. Trusting that His love can be the balm of Gilead on these wounds and that His desire is to see me restored. The process is painful and yet I know that I want the healing.. All of  us have deep disappointments and deep wounds.. God is waiting for us to bring these things to Him.. to trust Him.. to receive His healing touch.

He will never disappoint us..He is the only one.. everyone else can and probably will.

“Even when I walk through the darkest valley.. I will not be afraid for you are close beside me.”

He is ahead of you...

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