April Showers

Tomorrow’s forecast says there will be showers coming. We’ve had so much rain and all the reservoirs are filled.. it seems like enough. I like the rain but I love the blue skies and sunshine. It has been a long winter season and the spring is unfolding slowly. Winter.. when the sky is often dark and the nights are long.. winter.. when the sun is often hidden.. winter.. when we long for it to end.. winter.. when spring sounds sooo good. Yes winters in our lives can bring weariness. I think of winters as the season when God is at work in deep places.. when He sometimes seems hidden.. when we long for a colorful, uplifting spring season. Winter is a time to fall back on His promises.

April showers remind us that He unfolds everything in His time. Seasons don’t always change dramatically.. that can happen, but often there is a transitional time when we are leaving one season behind and coming into a new one. That time can take days, months, or even years. These are the challenging times in our lives when we feel so ready for the next thing but God says wait and let me prepare you and shape you so that you will enjoy this next season even more than you can imagine. You will be so ready that you will rejoice in my Goodness.. you will be Grateful. 

If you are in a winter or almost spring season remember that He is getting ready to do a new thing in your life. Your current struggles are part of the preparation process.. without the winters there can be no spring or summer. Without the April showers the summer is long and dry. He does everything perfectly.

” Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait for Him to act”

Look for signs of Spring..

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