I love that word.. don’t you? Even the word itself is powerful.. reeelaxxx! It makes me feel like I could just fall into a pile of soft feathers or beautiful flower petals. I just can’t seem to find any!

So the next best thing is.. make some space for yourself. Let yourself have time when nothing gets done.. when everything can wait. Carve out time for something you enjoy that brings life. That is something different for everyone.. Being a dooer… I love to garden and to make things beautiful around my home. I also enjoy walking, painting, writing, and cooking. Sometimes these are relaxing activities for me. This confuses my husband who is very easy going.. relaxing is listening to music or napping.. He doesn’t need activity the way I do.  Whatever it is for you.. make time for it this week. Maybe it is sitting with a cup of tea and looking through a magazine.. or gazing out the window.. or taking a drive to the beach. Take time for yourself.. nurture your own heart.

All the activities and responsibilities we engage in can drain us.. balance is so important. We need to find ways to feel renewed and refreshed inside.. to fill up. Ask God how that happens for you and then do that thing! Make time for yourself.. take a big drink of living water and reelaxxx!

Let's pretend we are here!

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