Holding On

No.. it’s not the opposite of letting go. Somehow it is intimately tied up with letting go… When we hold on too tightly to those things that we want we are not letting go.. that is certain. Yet when we let go God does not say ” thanks.. keep moving on.”  He may be saying ” Give me those desires to keep. It is not time for that yet.” He may be asking us to trust Him.. He may be saying “Wait.”

When something we long for does not happen we are disappointed and yet God may have been protecting us from something that was wrong for us.. to give us something better in the future. Something that He has hand-picked for us.. something that we would never find on our own. So letting go = Trusting God. Then what is holding on? Trusting in ourselves and thinking that we know what we need and what we should have.. knowing more than God. Holding on is also failing to believe in His goodness. If He is good and loving.. than when something happens and we have to let go..we know that He is moving on our behalf.. It is not punishment and He is not angry with us.

For those of us who dislike waiting.. I am at the top of that list.. learning to let go is critical. I have only been able to grow in this area by remembering His goodness. I look back on my history with Him and realize that He always came though. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.. He will not fail.. He is in control.. I can sit back take a deep breath and know that all is as it should be and I can let go. I do it more easily because I realize that in the future God may surprise me. He treasures my desires and often when I have left them in His hands.. they are fulfilled in amazing ways I never could have imagined.

Spend time with Him today and give Him those things that you are holding on to and believe that they matter to Him.. Trust that He will keep them safe until it is time!

” Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your Heart’s Desires”

He has you in His Heart!

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