Letting Go

Why is it so hard? I am a loyal person..someone who finds it very difficult to let go of relationships. I always want the happy ending..you know the one where everyone realizes how much they care for each other and they ride off into the sunset.. together forever. I guess you could call me a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately life is often full of less romantic endings.. relationships end.. marriages end.. friendships end.. families fall apart..jobs are lost.. houses are sold.. pets dies.. people move away. Lots of difficult endings.. painful endings…

We have to learn how to let go. An impossibility without the grace of God. I can’t imagine how anyone does it alone. Sometimes life seems like it is one long season of letting go..  There is only one possibility as we face these situations. We have to realize we are not just letting go and falling into a hopeless state. We are letting go to God. He is taking whatever it is we are giving Him.. the broken relationship.. the broken heart.. our grief..deep loss.. our families. He will bring us comfort and fill the empty places inside of our hearts. Our God is our comforter, our encourager, the one who truly understands us.. He is not just our savior, He is the source of living water.. water that will restore our souls… water that promises there will be joy and peace again.. water that refreshes, renews, and fills us!

When we come to Him with our losses..it is not the end. In fact it is always a new beginning. Some things must end before new things can begin. Our God loves new beginnings and He will never fail to use every opportunity to do a new thing! Keep trusting Him for that new thing that you can’t see yet.. He will not fail to do it.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

Drink from the Living Water!

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