When we remember.. it may bring us to the point where we have to let go of something or someone. God works through our memories to remind us of His goodness.. He also uses these memories to help us move forward. There are seasons of looking backward so that we can move away from the pain that was in the past. Sometimes that pain is as fresh as the day that it happened. It feels like we are back there.. There is pain trapped inside that needs to come out. God wants to heal us.. to open the old wound and let it drain so it can heal.

Remembering the past is not wrong.. running from it is not going to bring healing. Remembering those things that hurt you is not wrong.. forgiving without fully facing the pain is not going to work. God is the healer.. He wants to restore us and renew us…..to do this we must return to those things that need healing and allow Him to touch those areas. He is ready to do that today.  To help you face the pain and take you to the other side. Don’t be afraid. There is freedom waiting for you as you embrace this process.

” He has come to heal the broken-hearted and to set the captives free.”

Open the doors of your heart to Him.

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