Taking Time

 We rush from one thing to another and it all seems so important. We are tired and worn out and we often wonder where all the time has gone. Our culture encourages this.. the church encourages this.. God does not require this from us. He is never in a hurry nor is He ever too busy. He always has enough time to do everything that matters.. and so do we. The choices we make can make us think this is not true. We want to accomplish things.. we want to make sure every minute counts.. we feel like we might miss something.

The truth is we might actually miss everything that matters. Whatever is happening right now that seems to be interrupting your day.. that very thing is from God. He loves to interrupt.. to show up and change our course. As we become more willing to walk down the path of life with Him.. He will bring more of those challenging moments into our life. He will ask us to do something we never planned on doing or He will change all of our plans and ask us to move in a new direction. He wants our full attention.

How do we find this life that is full of unexpected things.. how do live this adventure where God is truly directly us? Well.. lots of books have been written on this topic but the answer is actually quite simple. Take time to be with Him .. to get know how He speaks to you.. Relax and let Him lead you.. Stop writing your own story and join Him in the one that He has already written for you… let go of the wheel and let Him drive. I promise you.. there will be enough time for everything that truly matters.

” The Lord is my Shepherd.. I have all that I need.”

Think about that today.. what more is there?

Rest in Him today.. His heart is for you!

2 thoughts on “Taking Time

  1. The rushed life promoted by our churches has long been a sore point for me. There is no answer for it except the one you suggest here… take time for God.

    That message and your photo remind me in the best possible way.

    • That is a topic I want to continue to revisit.. we need to be able to rest in Him.. How can we do that if we are exptected to rush from one committment to the next. I am glad that the blog is continuing to be a place of refreshment for you.

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