Finding that Place

Sometimes it is hard to find that place of rest that God offers. Our circumstances can be so challenging that we wonder.. can I rest in you Lord? Where is that place of peace that my heart is longing for? Is it possible to see you at work this very day? A day when all we can see are dark clouds and the sun is not shining. Are you behind the clouds Lord? How do I reach you today?

Then a reminder comes from the Holy Spirit.. “I am with you”.. He says. These very things that you are grappling with.. they are from me.  “Nothing is happening behind my back” says the Lord. “Everything that comes into your life must pass through my hands.” There is reassurance in those words. He knows what we are going through.. He knows how much we hurt.. He has given us promises that we can hold on to.. When we pass through the fire and the high waters.. He will carry us to safety. He will rescue us.  Our faith may fail.. but He never does.

Lord.. We need reminders of all these things today. Our hearts are heavy as we wade through the deep waters.. our spirits are weary as we continue the journey. Restore us.. renew us.. revive us and carry us.. Our hope is in you. Show us how to enter that rest as we cling to you and believe that you will take us there.

Take a look at this..

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