There is a time to just rest. Easy to say isn’t it. No.. not always easy to do. When we are resting it can feel like we are not doing anything that matters. Our culture is always giving us the message that we better get busy. Often the church is not any better. Move on to the next thing.. finish what you started.. clean up that mess.. move forward. All these messages are coming at us all the time.

Sometimes our hearts are speaking something else. Our hearts may be saying.. I am tired.. I need refreshment.. I have grown weary.. Stop and let me get filled up.. Renew me.. Bring restoration to me. This is the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking quietly to us… Rest in His presence. Stop driving yourself and let God unfold the path of your life. I struggle with this and yet I crave the peace that He wants to give me. Resting in His presence reminds me of being at the beach in Hawaii…of sitting in a meadow surrounded by wildflowers… of taking a deep breath in a garden filled with roses….of watching the hummingbirds feed and the wild birds soar across the sky.

We need this feeling and this experience to survive in our demanding fast paced world. Take at least a few minutes today to Rest.. to ask for Renewal.. to smell a flower.. to look at something beautiful. As you  do this remember that He is in control and all is as it should be.

” He lets me rest in green meadows, He leads me beside peaceful streams.” The Lord is my Shepherd.. I have all that I need.

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