Tender Mercies

Our God is full of tender mercy. He wants to meet us today in a way that reveals more of this to us. His love for us comes from a compassionate and understanding heart. It has taken many years and many trials for me to believe this the way I do today. I used to feel like I was always disappointing Him.. never quite able to please Him.. failing in some way to measure up. It was my perspective that needed to change.. He never felt any of these things and He never saw me the way  I saw myself.

 As God began to heal those deep places in me, I was able to receive more from Him. I prayed to be able to receive.. to truly begin to understand that the love of God was real. He began to go deep into the places that were filled with hurt.. those situations that left open wounds were re-opened so that I could receive the healing that He wanted to give. Much of this process was painful but all of it was fruitful. We often have to go back in order to move forward. Emotions that are not dealt with are buried alive. They are ready to re-surface at any time. When they do we often have no idea why.. God wants to get to the root of all this.. to set us free and to restore our hearts. He is our redeemer.. the lover of our souls.. our healer.. our heavenly Father.. our savior.. our friend..

His heart is filled with tenderness, mercy, and grace for you! Don’t run from the deep things He wants to do in you.. embrace the process and He will set you free.

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