Contentment or Frustration?

What does this word stir up for you? Being satisfied with less than you want? Settling? Giving up? Well.. if we are honest all of us have felt like that was the meaning at one time or another. God.. do you want me to just adjust to the way things are and call it being content? Am I supposed to be satisfied with my life and give up on anything changing and call it content? Is contentment nothing more than killing my own heart?

No.. it is much deeper than that. For me contentment has become something wonderful because it allows me to enjoy my life while I am waiting for things that have not happened yet. Being a naturally impatient person I found contentment to be almost impossible. I wanted things to move forward.. I wanted things to happen that I knew were good things that God must have wanted too! Yet there were times when years went by and nothing changed.. What does it all mean Lord?

I learned that He was teaching me to live in my present life and circumstances while holding on to dreams and desires that I would not give up. That tension is very difficult. Our natural tendency is to give up the things that are in our hearts.. to put to death those things that seem so good to us. We do this to avoid disappointment. If we just don’t want anything than how can we lose? We actually teach ourselves to live life as though every day will be the same and nothing will change. That is not life with God.

He wants us to rejoice in our circumstances.. the Bible is full of scriptures that teach us to do that. He never says to stop desiring and wanting new things. He never says protect your heart because I don’t care about all those longings that you have hidden there. Actually it is just the opposite. He constantly tells us how much our hearts matter and how He wants to give us hope and He tells us that with Him ” All things are possible.” He promises to ” Renew our strength” He says that he has ” overcome the world.”

No contentment is not settling for what is.. it is being grateful and thankful and living a hope filled life. It is remembering all He has done and realizing there is more to come. It is protecting your heart from disappointment by having faith that He hears, He knows, and He cares about the same things that matter to you. Your God is close. He is not going to fail and He will rescue, provide, intervene, strengthen, console, and encourage you as you draw near to Him and trust Him .. even in the dark.

With God all things are possible!

2 thoughts on “Contentment or Frustration?

  1. Does the phrase “nail on the head” work here? I would say most definitely yes. Though I confess I am still in the place of frustration and disappointment. My HEAD knows that He hears, He knows, He loves and chooses that place of standing, but my heart and my spirit faint within me for weariness in and with the waiting. More and more I understand why Sarah nagged Abraham into taking Hagar. In that dark and empty waiting room the voice of Satan grows more and more convincing. Only hanging on FOR DEAR LIFE to Jesus gets us through the other side. Not enjoying this life lesson. Trusting in hope that it will all be worth it.

  2. It will be worth it my friend. He is taking you to a place that none of us want to visit.. but on the other side you will find something of great value.. a closer more intimate walk with Him. The most important thing there is.

    I will be praying for you that you do not faint or grow weary. HE IS WITH YOU!

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