Does He Really Give us the Desires of our Heart?

As I was driving yesterday I began to ponder this topic more deeply. Does God plant His desires in our hearts and then fulfill them? That theology is the perspective I have come to believe. As we walk with Him.. His desires become ours. But there is more. He surprises us with things that we never knew we wanted. Often we become focused on the things that the world offers. They seem so right and so good that it is difficult to realize .. maybe they are not good and right. Maybe they are just what the world values and what the world wants us to value.

God knows us so well that He delivers just the right cirucumstances. Yes just the right circumstances.. like the ones in your life right now. Many times in the past I would have disputed that statement.. I would think that whatever was going on could not be from Him because I was disappointed and it was NOT WHAT I WANTED. That was a clue, wasn’t it ? Looking back I see that it was exactly what I needed and that only God could possibly know that. Those very things that I fought against were there for a purpose and a reason.

It is easier now that I am a grandmother and have lots of years behind me to see all this. Everything that I resisted shaped me.. the hardest things I lived through made me who I am today. Nothing happened by accident.. God did not remove those difficult circumstances because He knew what would happen.. He can see the future.. He knows that our hearts will be more like His as we walk out this life and accept the things that He has ordained for us. Even those choices I made that were terrible and led to years of unhappiness.. God used them for good. ( Romans 8:28) He was working all the time. Never forgetting my predicament and answering the cry of my heart in His way and in His time.

Yes He is the one who knows us better than we know ourselves. We can be so easily fooled into thinking we know what it is that we really need and want. God knows us from the inside out and can meet those needs and desires fully because He created us and is an expert on us.. He can come into any circumstance and use it to shape us and to enlarge our hearts so there is more room for Him and for others.

He is in the midst of your circumstances today.. doing things and preparing you for what lies ahead. He is with you.

One thought on “Does He Really Give us the Desires of our Heart?

  1. Hi Alicia,

    I finally got a chance to spend time looking over your blog and to read most of your insightful and thought-provoking writings. It is a written reminder to me of our many times together and all that we have talked about and prayed about. God is so good and I am pleased to see you sharing your thoughts and your own challenges with others. I love the blog and the addition of your beautiful photos as well.

    Your blog has put a desire in me to use this medium to share my own story. I have thought often about writing a book, but this may be the way to go. You will need to share with me later how you put together your blog.

    Love you…………………your sis

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