The Day After Easter

What happens to you the day after Easter? There may be a sense of returning to “real” life. On Easter Sunday we celebrate … our focus is on the Lord.. there is an excitement as we remember what He has done for us. Then comes Monday morning and all those things that were hidden for one day return. The challenges are still very much alive and the celebration is over. Or is it?

Our greatest challenge is to keep celebrating.. Easter is not really one day. It is every day. We have a God that gave everything to give us all we need.. all we need for every single day of our lives. Today is a new beginning. Today is a fresh start. Today He is going to be doing things around us and in us. Today is a gift. He wants to heal us and restore us.. His desire is for us. He will transform us as we trust Him and walk in faith with Him. His mercies are new every morning. His faithfulness is unending.. Our part is to remember this in the midst of our everyday struggles. To step out of life as it is unfolding and thank Him.. draw near to Him.. remember Him. He is remembering you right now and He delights in you.. He is dreaming up new and amazing things to show you and His heart is for you.

Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you!

2 thoughts on “The Day After Easter

  1. I think that is why our cup runneth over and He has anointed our head with oil…………like you say……..turn to Him every day and He will refresh your spirit and make us joyous!

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