The Day Before Easter

Yes.. that is today. It is a day of celebration. Our greatest gift came on Easter. God made a way for us. We can celebrate because He is alive and He is with us. I love this time of year. I met my husband on the day before Easter and married him a year later on the day before Easter. Our last name is almost the same as Easter.. we are the Feasters..  I have always thought of us as two people who feast on the Lord.. Two people who totally enjoy this time of year and appreciate God’s sense of humor. He gave us such a great story.. We met at a church event when we were forced (?) to sit next to each other. I could not find a place to sit and he was asked to leave the table where he was sitting and we ended up next to each other.. that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that has continued to blossom over the past 9 years.

We have a God with an amazing sense of humor.. a sense of adventure and a God that loves to surprise us with gifts that we never expected. He delights in giving us more than we can ever ask for or imagine. He arranges circumstances to show us that He is behind the scenes and that His love for us is unending. When I think of Easter I see it as the beginning of everything that has happened over the last 2000 years. God intervened in history and made us His own. God came for us. God swept us off our feet and said ” I love you and now we can be together forever.”

When we come into a relationship with God it is just the beginning of a new life. The first step is the moment when we say yes to him.. then He can truly begin to move in our lives.. to reveal Himself.. to show us His character.. to mold us and shape us. New life! Easter helps me to remember all this.. It is a great Celebration. He is risen! We are entering into a new season. This year let’s see Easter as a new beginning. What new things will He want to do with us and in us? What desires will He renew in us so we can receive more from him? What beauty will He unveil for us? Let’s say yes to Him.. yes, yes, yes!

We love you Lord and we want more of you.. Help us to experience this great new life that you gave us by laying down your life for us.. We want to walk in faith trusting you for all the good things you have planned for us!

Enjoy Easter.. It is for you from Him!

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