For you! You take His breath away!

Everything in our lives revolves around this word. Our relationship with God and with others. I was remembering some of my story this morning.. I am preparing to speak to a group of women today and that triggers old memories.. My story is filled with amazing moments with God. The ways that He has romanced me and pursued me. Reflecting on that I realized that there was another process going on as I drew closer to His heart. I began to know myself better. Isn’t that surprising in some way?

He draws us closer.. allowing us to have trials so we bring our pain to Him… Giving us joy so we turn to Him with a  grateful heart and learn to thank Him for everything.. Making us wait so we must depend upon Him. Everything that happens to us is designed to deepen our relationship with Him. Nothing is an accident.. nothing is a coincidence. His plan is always that we move closer to Him and as we do we realize that He is good and His heart is for us.

Not only do we get to know Him better.. we find our true selves in this process. As He accepts us no matter what condition we are in.. we begin to feel loved and safe in a way that never happens with people. God is never tired of us, worn out by us, frustrated with us,

 or impatient with us. He is amazed by us.. He delights in us.. He is pleased with us.. He longs for us.. His heart is ALWAYS for us.. If only we truly knew this.. How different our lives would be.

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