I have trouble even typing that word. What about perseverance and endurance. These are all words that spring from the fact that we have desires. We want things and we pray and ask God for them and then He makes us wait.. and wait.. and wait.  What is He doing.. building perseverance and endurance in us.

I don’t know about you, but I am not good at waiting. I don’t like to wait and yet so much of my life has been spent waiting. I tend to jump too fast.. to move too quickly and to get impatient. God has been curing me of that for most of my life with Him. He says “wait and watch me work”. He says ” I am preparing so many good things for you as you wait.” He says ” I am working on your behalf behind the scenes so that when I move you will know it is me.” He says ” I am building character in you.. my character.”  The fruit of all this waiting  is that it shapes us into people who can tell others with confidence.. He will do it.  He is faithful. God can be trusted.

We could not wait for spring when it was winter.. right? Well it is spring and today is the first day of April. The flowers have not forgotten to bloom. The sky has not forgotten to show us its beautiful blue color with white puffy clouds. God has not forgotten you! If you are still in winter.. remember.. Spring is coming.

God's creation

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