The Larger Story

I woke up this morning with so many thoughts swirling through my mind. God.. What are you up to? I feel confused and unsettled about my life. Nothing is making sense. Then I remembered the larger story. My first experience with this concept came from reading John Eldredge’s book the Sacred Romance. It was transforming for me.

There is a larger story that God is unfolding .. much bigger than the smaller one that we see. God is not only the author of that story.. He is in it with us and is the main character. When I spend too much time in my own small.. sometimes sad story.. my spiritual eyes are not focused on this bigger more amazing story that only He can see.  Every season of our lives is like a chapter in a book that was written for us and about us.. a perfect script that was handcrafted by this God that loves and adores us. He puts himself right into the story at every critical point.. He is the hero.

Remembering this helps me so much when the chapter that I am living out is confusing and painful. This is only a small part of the whole book. Maybe I am just on a difficult page. I can’t read ahead to the end of the book so I have to trust the author. We know the final ending of all our stories because He has allowed us a glimpse of our eternal destiny. That brings comfort… but the story we are living in here is a mystery.. The only thing we know is that He is good and whatever we are facing will not stay the same. He will take us by the hand to the next chapter as we trust Him. Let’s continue to walk with Him and let Him lead us down this path that is clouded and dark at times.

Are you on a difficult page? chapter? Has your story so far been filled with challenges that you never expected to face? Mine has. Let’s remember together that He is all that we need and He will never leave us or forsake us.. He is with us!

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