God’s Desires

Yes.. He has them. Just like we do. We desire Him and He desires us. It is so easy to forget that. He created us with desires.. because they are a part of His character. It makes so much sense when we remember that we have to choose Him.. we are not robots, we have free will and something must motivate us to decide to follow Him. For me.. I wanted a different life than the one I was living.. I wanted more. I still want more. I’m just not embarrassed to say it anymore.

We want more when we choose Him and we want more as we live life with Him and He delights in this desire… You may be thinking ” of course I want more of God.” I’m not only writing about more of God but more  LIFE.  Not more money, more things or more popularity.. more LIFE.

One of my favorite scriptures says ” Yes I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am in the land of the living.” That’s here.. right now.. on earth.. in our daily lives… in the land of the living. He has more life than we could ever imagine. Rich, abundant, amazing, scary, painful, unpredictable, sad, and joyful.. not boring. Life that is centered around Him, life that can be found as we seek Him and follow Him. His desire is that we experience that life with Him.. we need desire to do this.. we have to want more.. we can’t give up.

2 thoughts on “God’s Desires

  1. My dear friend, as I read backwards from the 9th April to March, I had already been filled with such relief at every mention of Gods Lavish love for us,that by the time the difficult page arrived (I’ve been in many difficult pages) I again felt more reassured of His good plans for my life. Those photos are awe inspiring, and when I finished with the You tube song ( even on this rainy day) I’m filled with joy and the continued knowledege of Gods love for me ! Yes HE is the author of my life, and I thank HIM, and for bringing you into my life. Thank you for sharing your heart. With blessings to you from HIM who loves us, Cheryl

    • Thank you for the beautiful comment, Cheryl. God is so creative in the way He does things.. I never saw myself being able to write a blog.. but every morning I am eager to turn on the computer and find our what He wants to give to me to give to those who are reading.. love you.

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