His Mysterious Timing

Yes.. I am still waiting. There are signs of Spring everywhere.. yet the waiting is not over. God reminded me that we are always waiting.  Even when something amazing happens that we asked for and waited for.. the next thing is yet to unfold.  What happens when you wait a long time? I mean a very long time…. when it seems like you are waiting longer than all your friends..or maybe longer than anyone you know? Waiting gets more difficult. We start seeing ourselves and God differently.

I remember many times in my life when I felt like I was at the back of the line. Not moving forward and it seemed like everyone else was picking up their order and leaving. Did they jump in front of me? Isn’t it my turn yet God? Why are you making me wait longer? Are you mad at me? what have I done?. Then I remembered hindsight.

Now that is even easier because I am older… there is so much to look back on! I see how God protected me and His timing was perfect. Not perfect because I enjoyed waiting but perfect because I appreciated His answer so much more because I had to wait soooo long. He designed the answer to meet every part of me. He kept me from things that would have hurt me. My part in this was to keep myself from taking things in my own hands. A difficult thing when you are a proactive and impatient person.  I am amazed at how He has given me the desires of my heart as I waited and trusted Him. Every moment I waited has added up to something. Out amazing God is never too early or too late.

 Remember whatever you are waiting for… that has yet to happen.. IT IS NOT TOO LATE. You are still here and so is He. Take those things to Him today and know that He hears and He will come for you.

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