What do we do while we are Waiting?

I posted a video last night. That song is amazing and touches the deepest parts of my heart when it comes to waiting. It is easy to believe that waiting is doing nothing. Waiting is being passive or filling up empty time with things to keep us busy. We misinterpret the true meaning of the waiting season when we do either thing. God has things for us to do while we wait. As we seek His plan … He will give us direction. Life is not stagnant.. things are always happening. God is always moving. We may not be able to tell what He is doing.. but He is behind the scenes very actively doing things.

If we draw near to His heart while we wait He will call us out.. Often He wants us to give to others.. while we are hurting. He is teaching us to take our eyes off of ourselves and pour into those around us. This can be challenging when our own situation is already taking so much from us. Yet over and over again I have experienced Him in such a deep way as I follow this lead.

Lord, help me to give even when I am in pain. Enable me to walk in Faith toward those desires that you have planted in my heart and increase the Grace I need to do all this.

One thought on “What do we do while we are Waiting?

  1. Thank you, Alicia. I pray that Alicia’s Roses will be a blessing to many hearts. I will definitely pass it along to others! Love, Mary

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