This theme seems to be cropping up over and over again. God is up to something new. The season is changing and new things are happening in the lives of many people. As I contemplate the meaning of this I realize how many seasons life holds. We have many winters and many springs in our lives. Winters.. where all things seem dark, dreary, and cloudy. Winters.. when the darkness closes in and we wonder if the sun will ever shine again. Winters.. that last way too long. Winters that challenge everything in us. Is He still there? Does He care? I am not a lover of the winter seasons.

Yet .. I have learned some amazing lessons during these wintry days. I find that my faith survives the challenges. Little glimpses of light creep through and I know there is an end. His timing is not mine but I can wait longer knowing He is at work behind the scenes. When everything is still and quiet.. God is moving.. putting into place all the pieces that will cause the season to change.

My heart grows weary but He does not. I keep seeking His face and wanting answers even when the silence is maddening. What is He doing? When will I get to see it? I tell myself not to worry and the only thing that truly helps is crying out to Him and realizing that He hears. I hear Him whisper to me ” I am with you” and I can wait longer.

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